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Men's Summer Fashion, Must-Have Item; Hawaiian Shirts for Both Work and Everyday Wear


Start Wearing Hawaiian Shirt this Summer !

Can I Wear Hawaiian Shirt for Office?

 Since Hawaii has year-round warm humid weather, most offices and workplaces in Hawaii allow you to wear Hawaiian Shirts (known as Aloha Shirts) as business casual or smart casual. The Hawaiian shirt has become a summer fashion staple even outside of Hawaii. I know… some of you guys may think “Oh, I often see Hawaiian shirts as vacation clothes or dad and grandpa on weekends”.  But, if you get to know a bit more about Hawaiian shirts or Aloha shirts, you may change your mind and enjoy taking them into your daily fashion!

 Did you know Hawaiian shirts were actually one of the most trending clothes for men for summer style in 2020?? It might be because most people had to change their work style and started working from home under the pandemic, and the Hawaiian shirt is still expected to be one of the must-have summer outfits for men that you can comfortably wear in heavy rotation on a daily basis.

<img src="hawaiian-shirts-black-kayak-hibi.jpeg" alt="black sloha shirt has hibscus, diamondhead, and kayak print"/>

 A general principle for summer fashion is to choose natural fibers, like Cotton Hawaiian shirts. The weave of cotton, weight, and cut, with looser and lighter texture allowing heat to escape. On the other hand, synthetics fabrics tend to trap moisture rather than freely lease it. Thus they restrict sweat dispersion and breathability through clothing.

 Don’t get me wrong! Synthetic fabrics also have some advantages. They do not wrinkle easily and can handle heavy loads without breaking. As an aside, Rayon can be an imitation form of silk, so Rayon Hawaiian Shirt has a silk-like feel and also breathable; in this regard, it is quite similar to cotton.

Hawaiian Shirts are great summer outfits for guys at work, everyday wear, and of course for your vacation wear since there is a wide variation of color and pattern. Aloha shirts can make you the highlight of your days when styled right!

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