Furoshiki Hawaii

New Ways to Wrapping Gifts from Japan.

Enjoy beautiful Hawaiian prints with Furoshiki. Reusable gift wrapping cloth from Hawaii and Japan. You can use as bandanna, table tapkins, headband, pet bandanna, table cloth and many more! Do you wanna know more about Furoshiki?

You can also purchase at our Waikiki Store at Muumuu Rainbow.

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Large gift wrapping cloth for wine bottle wrapping furoshiki
Large size Furoshiki for Wine bottle wrapping

Easily Wrap 2 Bottles of Wine for Home Party

Use reusable gift wrapping fabric for carrying wine bottles.

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reusable gift wrapping

Small Size Furoshiki

Perfect for any gift wrapping.

Use this size for bandanna, gift wrapping, handkerchief and many more.

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gift wrapping fabric for small jar

XS for Small Jar and Pet's Bandanna

Cylidical item is hard to do gift wrapping but this fabric wrap makes it easy.

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gift wrapping fabric from Furoshiki Hawaii

Furoshiki Hawaii

Location: 2270 Kalakaua Ave. #1105 (Waikiki Buisiness Plaza 11Fl.)

Hours: Tues/Fri 11-3, Others by appoitments

About Furoshiki Hawaii

Furoshiki Hawaii is run by Muumuu Rainbow.

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