About Muumuu Outlet

About Muumuu Outlet

Muumuu Outlet is an online retail store, emphasis on "Made in Hawaii" and supporting local artists and vendors. As much as we struggling this COVID crisis in Hawaii, there are many artists and vendors suffer from not getting enough sales. Hawaii's economy is mainly supported by visitors.

How we started?

We started from Hawaiian dress rental store, Muumuu Rainbow. It served for people who attend wedding in Hawaii. Muumuu Rainbow focuses on keeping authentic Hawaiian traditions and try to utilize local resources as much as possible. It was formal Hawaiian attire and also Hawaiian style wedding dresses. Due to COVID, Muumuu Rainbow had to close the store due to lock down, because rental dresses were not essential business. However just after 2 weeks or so, people needed face masks, so fabric store was considered as essential business in Hawaii. So, Muumuu Rainbow started to sell left over fabrics from dress productions, and we started selling Hawaiian fabrics, and we named, Fabric Hawaii. ( http://fabric-hawaii.com)

Fabric Hawaii

Because Muumuu Rainbow made own dresses from designing and all productions were in Hawaii, it was not too difficult to start selling left over fabric. We started from Etsy first. You can see our reviews we receive from there.


After selling Hawaiian fabrics, we noticed many of our customers make face masks and sell locally. We thought about helping those resales as well. We also noticed that some local artists and local makers have difficult times. Also, several people asked us to make small productions, to start-up new brand line, because of lay-offs and try to search for their own path.

Then, this Muumuu Outlet started. We try to sell local designer products as well as our own production items, such as dog's Hawaiian shirts and original Hawaiian shirts and dresses.

Our rental store has been closed over 1 year and our inventories are getting costly. So we had to clean out the space, too. We named "Outlet" to sell many variety of items and inventories from our rental stores.


Our Original Products

Muumuu Rainbow manufactures own design Hawaiian dresses and shirts. We used to create own original print fabrics too. 

We partner with outside Hawaii companies to promote local artists. For example, our "Sabado" line is that creating original prints, using his artistic prints and created dresses and shirts. Those are only sold in our store in USA. We try to promote and do more of this productions to support artists. In that way, artists will have extra source of income, and our Muumuu Outlet customers can enjoy unique items in here.

Our Goals

By selling Hawaiian shirts, Hawaiian dresses, pet clothing, and many other items related to beach, we try to support economy in Hawaii. Our strength is that we have own small manufacturing factory in Hawaii, so by creating many "Made in Hawaii" products can support local businesses, local people, and us.

Our goal is to bring Aloha to everybody through our products and services.Sunrise Hawaii Ocean

We want to make this online web site as if you shop in here in Hawaii. We want to bring out Aloha as much as possible and enjoy unique Hawaiian culture even in online shopping. We do not just want to offer online shop site, but experience of our web site shopping to be like knowing Hawaiian culture and enjoy uniqueness that Hawaii can offer.

We try to improve our shopping experience on web site and also improve our products for more local and artistic varieties.

Thank you for supporting our service and hope one day, you come to visit our store in Hawaii!

Waikiki Beach

 Our Products from These Brands

It offers beautiful Hawaiian fabrics and Japanese fabrics. Some original finished products such as "Furoshiki" sold in the store. 

Specialized in custom made dresses. We sell their ready made dresses from Princess Kaiulani Fashions.  

Variety of Hawaiian dress brand items from local Hawaii. We started creating pet clothing and items, too.

Variety of party dresses from rental dress store. It includes men's pants and shoes. Its price is outlet price.

Our Store Location

Our store is located in center of Waikiki. We share the space with rental dress store, Muumuu Rainbow. When you come to visit Hawaii, please stop by. Find fine Hawaiian souvenirs for your friends and family. Many of our items are exclusive in our store. You will find fine Hawaiian shirts, Hawaiian dresses, dog's shirts, and many other Hawaiian gift items. Please check most updated business hours by calling us or Google place.

307 Lewers St. #303

Honolulu, HI 96815

Telephone: 808-921-8117

Email: hawaii@muumuurainbow.com


As always, mahalo for your kokua!