Hawaii Dress Up Ideas for Ladies

Hawaii Dress Up Ideas for Ladies

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Hawaiian Dress Up Ideas for Ladies.

In Hawaiian, you can easily think of "Hawaiian Shirts" for men. Then, what about women? What ladies should wear in Hawaiian parry.

In Hawaii, like an Aloha Shirts, there is traditional dress called "Mu'umu'u" or "Holomu'u" or "Holoku."

Elegant Fitted Style Hawaiian Dress.

Holomuu and holoku are formal dress style usually made with Hawaiian print fabrics. It is fitted and long dress. These are perfect for mother of bride dress and formal events occasions.Hawaiian Dress Up for Ladies HolomuuGreen Hawaiian Dress


Relaxed Style Traditional Style Muumuu Dress.

As you know, Hawaii is pretty hot weather so many local ladies wear relaxed Muumuu style Hawaiian dresses. There are various kinds of Hawaiian muumuu dresses from mass produced design to special detailed dresses.

Relaxed Style Popular Muumuu

Many muumuu are made with cotton fabric. It uses a lot of fabric and style is very full. You can dress up with lei, straw hats. fresh flowers are nice touch.

Hawaiian dress up event

For outside event, hat is especially nice. You can wear flower crown on the hat, too.

Hawaiian dress up for ladies

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Matching Styling

In Hawaiian dress, it is easy to have matching outfits. You can enjoy matching style with your partner at event but also for tourists, too. There are many price point for the couple matching outfits.

You can also custom order a dress and matching shirt in Hawaii.

For custom order, Princess Kaiulani Fashions is well known fashion brand in Hawaii.

Couple Matching Styling

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Hawaiian Dress Up without Hawaiian Dress

If you are not sure about buying Hawaiian dress, you can easily dress up with artificial flower lei. It makes Hawaiian look instantly. There are various kinds of sizes, volume, flowers and colors to choose from.
Orange Lei Hawaiian Dress Up
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Muumuu Mall has a store in Waikiki, inside of our sister store Princess Kaiulani Fashions. You can pick up and see aloha shirts, Hawaiian dresses, and other items, and feel the fabrics!

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