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What is the Best Fabric for a Hawaiian Shirt?


 Aloha shirts are most commonly made from Cotton or Rayon,

though other materials, such as Poly-cotton and other synthetic fabrics are also used. Cotton and silk were the first fabrics that were used for Hawaiian shirts during the 1930s to 1940s after the first Hawaiian shirt / Aloha shirt was made come along with Japanese influences. Later on, the appearance of the first synthetic fiber rayon made mass factory Hawaiian shirts production possible.

 A general rule for summer fashion is to choose natural fibers, like cotton, but each fabric has benefits. However, today Hawaiian shirts are made from different types of fabrics, so you can find various Hawaiian shirts to suit your personal preference.

Let's Spend this Summer Comfortably with a Cotton Hawaiian Shirt!

Here are Some of the Benefits of Aloha Shirts Made from Cotton.

・Feel Great and Comfortable

If you are looking for summer clothes that feel ridiculously comfortable and easy to wear all day long, then a Hawaiian shirt made from cotton is perfect for you. Not only feel great, but many of the cotton Hawaiian shirts fit great too, so it will look plain awesome on you.

・Easy To Wash and Dry

You can wash your shirts as you would with any other type of shirt. Then, just hang them to dry, or you can also use the dryer but on a light cycle. However, some cotton Hawaiian shirts, only a few small exceptions, may need to be washed and dried in a certain way, so please make sure that you follow the instructions on the tag. Generally speaking, it is very easy to take care of cotton Hawaiian shirts.

・Humidity Control - Breathable

One of the best things about wearing cotton Hawaiian shirts is they don't absorb moisture as such as other types of fabrics, which means you don't have to feel damped. It will let you wear them all day long without worrying about building up sticky-feeling inside of your shirt.

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Other Fabrics for Hawaiian Shirt
Here are the different types of fabrics used to make Hawaiian shirts.

  • Poly-Cotton: Poly-cotton is a fabric that blends synthetic fabric; polyester and cotton fibers. It retains the shape well but does not breathe as easily as 100% cotton. Poly-cotton fabrics are not really good at withstanding high temperatures. We have Wrinkle Free Non-iron Poly-Cotton Aloha Shirts.
  • Rayon: Rayon is a semi-synthetic fabric. It has a silk-like feel since it is made to be an alternative to expensive silk. Rayon is well breathable and similar to cotton in this regard. It is resistant to heat, lightweight, and flexible, but wrinkles easily. Hawaiian shirts made of rayon have a relaxed feeling to them and soft. If you are looking for a smooth texture aloha shirt with luxurious silk looking but inexpensive, then Rayon Hawaiian Shirt is optimal. However, rayon fabric is easy to absorb moisture, body oils, and water, which may result in spots.
  • Knit: Knit material Hawaiian prints shirts are not very common for local people, but it is perfect for golfing, activities, and other leisurely use.

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Start Wearing Hawaiian Shirt this Summer!

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