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What to Wear on Casual Friday? Male Business Casual Outfit Ideas


Hawaiian Shirt at Work in the U.S. Mainland

 Have you ever heard of Aloha Friday? It is Hawaii’s custom started in 1962 to encourage people to wear Aloha Shirts in the workplace, as business attire. It had spread slowly to the east coast of the U.S. and now become known globally as Casual Friday or Dress-down Friday. Nowadays Hawaiian Shirts are worn as business attire any day of the week in Hawaii, and even many companies' offices on the mainland of the U.S. have taken up this Aloha Friday to be a bit more casual and relaxed their dress code on Fridays. 

Hawaiian Business Casual

Easily transition from at-home workstation to the weekend situation!

 Hawaiian Shirt (or Aloha Shirts) manufacturers not only for people who come to Hawaii for vacation but also for local consumption. And they are considered formal business wear and dress code for some proper occasions like wedding, fancy dinner cruise, important parties, thus they are regarded as equivalent to a shirt, coat, and tie in all but the most formal of settings. It depends on your workplace, but for standard Aloha Style Business Casual, choosing good-quality aloha shirts in muted colors and subtle patterns is popular.

  You don't always have to go for the classic vivid-colored shirts that had hibiscus prints on them. Hawaiian shirts are actually quite stylish and come in a variety of designs more than you think! Some people say that Hawaiian Shirts are typically made in a loose fabric and you should wear them without tucking in, but you can still wear tucking in especially for the formal wear situation. Also, it can be styled over a vest.

Aloha shirts can be worn for your work, to the beach, as well as vintage-like clothes nowadays, since you have lots of choices of color and patterns.

<img src="blue-hibiscus-hawaiian-shirt.jpg" alt="Light Blue Aloha Shirt has White Hibiscus Flower Print"/> 


 If you are not a big fan of old-fashioned Hawaiian design, you can still choose Hawaiian Shirt which has Traditional Tribal & Tapa Designs, Rivers Hawaiian Shirt, or simple floral patterns in more muted colors, which can often be chosen by local Hawaiian residents.

  • Reversed Cotton Hawaiian Shirts are purposely sewn with the print inside, which only quality fabric can be used. If you walk into any office in Hawaii, you will certainly see someone wearing this inside-out Hawaiian shirt. The faded look caught on for men who want to wear Hawaiian shirts but prefer tranquil looking and has been popular for decades as a Hawaiian Business Casual.

<img src="reverse-hawaiian-shirt-fabric-comparison.jpg" alt="compare top side and back side of fabric for reverse Aloha shirt">
  • Tapa Designs & Traditional Tribal Hawaiian Shirts - The actual Tapa is a type of cloth made from the bark of the paper mulberry tree and it was primarily used for clothing in former times but now cotton and other textiles have replaced it. Tapa is important in Pacific cultures, and each pacific island has different designs based on their cultures. The patterns of tapa usually form a grid of squares. And each of these squares contains geometric patterns with repeated motifs such as waves, fish, and plants. Traditional dyes are usually black and rust-brown, although other colors.

Q: What can I wear with a Hawaiian shirt? / What Kind of Pants Should I Wear with my Hawaiian Shirt?

A: Depends on where you are going to wear your aloha shirt.

You might still be a bit concerned about how to pull off these joyous and bold Hawaiian shirts well for your style.
Here are some quick guide to wearing Aloha shirts.

  • At Work: Aloha shirts are originally designed to be worn untucked. However, in the workplace people prefer to tuck their Aloha shirt in their pants. So it projects a more formal image with a belt. (It depends on your workplace or job type.) Khaki pants or dress slacks with a nice pair of oxfords or loafers. Socks required. The easiest choice of color is khaki or beige. If your Hawaiian shirt is pretty much any color besides cream or khaki, it should match with these colors.

  • At a Formal Event or Wedding: Dress slacks with a nice pair of oxfords, loafers, or shoes with toes. As for the dress code of restaurants, slippers and sandals are often rejected. The wedding depends on the dress code. For beach weddings and very casual weddings, it could be slippers or other sandals.

Wear Business Style Hawaiian Shirts and bring the Spirit of Aloha into your work. They can be widely used for various situations from your work to weekends. Even if you decide to grab some beer with your co-workers or friends after work on Friday night, casual Aloha shirts are easy to transition to blended into the fun atmosphere in the bar from your workstations and office.

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You can wear Hawaiian shirts for work in Hawaii,
and also for dressy occasions, too.

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