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Hawaiian Shirt for Dog to Keep Your Pups Cool and Stylish for This Summer


Dog Clothing? Necessary for Them in Summer?

Summer Shirts for Dogs are Not Just for Fun and Stylish!

 Summer is coming right there! I assume lots of people have been waiting to spend time with your dogs on beaches. Hot summer weather makes you feel like you want to take your dog to the beach, play with them, and splash each other!

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 In general cases people think dogs never need clothes. However, there are a few benefits for dogs to wear summer clothes. In summer, as humans get damage from the sun's UV rays, high temperature, and heat from hot pavements, dogs also need to be protected from them. Letting your dog wear a dog shirt or pet shirt in summer is the easiest way to protect your dogs while you guys are spending time on the beach, or during the walk and playtime.

How to Choose Summer Clothes for Dogs?

  • Material / Fabric
    It is important to keep in mind that clothes are considered as Summer Clothes. Our Hawaiian Shirt for Dogs or Dog Aloha Print Shirt is made from cotton, which is breathable and good to control the humidity, so it will make your doggie comfortable and move them freely while providing protection against heat. The fabric you choose for a pet shirt should be durable but lightweight, like stretchy materials like cotton. Any material that limits the dog's mobility is not a good choice.

  • Size and Fit
    When you buy clothes for your canine, you need to know your pup's exact measurements if you want to ensure the perfect fit.

 Here is the Sizing Chart for the Hawaiian Dog Aloha Shirt on Muumuu Outlet.
<img src="dog-aloha-shirts-size-chart.jpeg" alt="sizing chart for dog's Hawaiian shirt on Muumuu Outlet"/>

Get a dog Hawaiian shirt for your pooch this summer to let them enjoy playtime outside on the beach!
Some dogs don't do well in hot weather, particularly breeds, short-haired breeds and light-skinned dogs, young puppies, or senior dogs.

Dog Aloha Shirt helps protect them from the sun and its UV rays, high temperatures and let them stay cool longer in that hot weather. We also have Breathable Lightweight Hawaiian Mesh Tanks for Dog with Harness, which allow your dog to show some personality while staying cool.

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Please Note: We are not responsible for your dog's health issue by wearing canine clothing and, so please consult with your veterinarian or breeder.

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