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Fabric Hawaii

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Scrap Hawaiian Fabrics for Quilting & Crafting.

This is scrap fabric pack by weight. It will be about 5 fabrics of roughly 8.5"x11" each size of fabrics. It is scrap so some fabrics may be smaller than 8.5x11 but we try to similar size or larger.
Some fabric can be larger piece. In that case, it will be 3 prints.

- Mix of prints and plain fabrics of 3~6 kinds
- Set includes 3 to 5 sheet of fabrics, each sheet is larger than 8.5x11 inches.
-Great for patch-work, quilting.
- Prints can be mix of Hawaiian, plain, Indian, Japanese, etc.
- 100% cotton fabric
- Prints will be chosen by us. You can not choose which pattern.
- It can include vintage fabrics.

- It can include some plain fabrics if you order 1lb or more. 

- This order is not accepting return. We do not accept any return on this item.

Resident in Hawaii
If you live in Hawaii and would like to just purchase and pick up from the store, we will refund the shipping.
Please leave a note for pick up request.
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