Hawaiian Dress Sizes - How to pick your dress size.

There are variety of styles and fit in Hawaiian dress. When you pick Muumuu, it is more forgiving sizes so you can choose smaller sizes. However, when you order semi fit, or fitted styles, you really want to make sure you choose correct dress size.

When you choose fitted design dress, choose the largest part of your size and compare the size chart.

For example, if you have large bust, check your bust size if it fits you. If you have larger stomach, check the waist size more carefully.

When you receive the dress, wear the dress in correct fitting. The top bust line should be on the bust line. Many Hawaiian dresses has elastic on shoulder so the dresses tends to be pulled up, so make sure to pull down the dress for correct fitting.

Also, when you purchase vintage sizing dress, maybe good idea to go 1 or 2 size up. However, just make sure looking at the size chart.

Vintage clothing are usually made the wait 1/2" or more smaller than current sizing standard. 

In order to look the best, choosing correct sizes is very important. I hope you find the right fitting size dresses.

If you are not sure, it is better to choose larger size because it is easier to alteration. If you get too small dress, it only allows to larger based on seam allowance, which can be only 1/4"~3/4" total the most.

Measure Your Bust

When you measure your bust, make sure what kind of underwear you are planning to wear on that dress. Then, measure your size with your underware. Usually, your bust is up and larger when you wear a bra. If you want to look slimmer, it is best to wear side boned bra so that looks slim from the front. 

Measure your Hip

When you measure your hip, make sure to measure the highest point. If you have wider thigh, it is better to measure your thigh so that it will fit the dress beautifully. Similar to measuring bust, if you are planning to wear special underwear, make sure to measure with underwear are as well.