Polynesian Tribal Turtle Print Fabric- brown/red/blue- PC231

Fabric Hawaii

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Polynesian print fabric with turtle, Honu, in it in 5 different colors.
This is one of best selling Hawaiian fabric.
The dark tone colors are great for any seasons.
It is perfect for mask or any other items such as aloha shirts, pillow cover or table wear, etc.

Great for dress, pet clothing and small items such as bandanna, mask, reusable bag, or quilting.
Price is per 1 yard , that you wish to purchase.

The content is poly cotton blend poplin fabric.

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Price is per 1 yard , that you wish to purchase.

Our Story
We started selling fabric and masks due to the COVID19 crisis. About 80% of Hawaii businesses depend on tourism so unemployment rate became the highest in US. For small business like mine, there is no work at all in Hawaii now and what we can do is extremely limited. We think it will take a while for tourists to come back to Hawaii.
This sale will help my employees and volunteers, so your purchase is really important here.
We try to survive as best we can with Aloha spirits.
We are distributing free fabric cut for those people who want to make masks on their own, and bulk fabric to volunteers making masks for others, but sorry, we can offer only in Hawaii.
Businesses in Hawaii are struggling. I hope this can make things better and hope people come back soon.
Thank you for your support.