Point Floral Print Hibiscus Flower Aloha Shirt | Black


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One point hibiscus and birds of paradise print rayon aloha shirt is great for resort dress up outfits. This print comes in matching dress as well, so it is great for honeymoon gist or anniversary dress and shirt outfits.

The print has perfect matching pattern on the bodice, that can tell that this shirt is high quality. When you look the shirt, the front closure part is perfectly aligned. This method of cutting fabric is more time consuming and more wasting of fabrics, meaning more luxury. 

Rayon fabric is very smooth and breezy, soft texture.

Rayon usually feels larger than its size. It is boxy design. If you want more fitted design, look for cotton aloha shirts. Perfect gift for somebody who are macular body.

  • Rayon
  • Made in USA, Hawaii
  • Matching dress available
  • Green and beige also available.