Dog's Hawaiian Shirt | Hawaiian Ipu Print | Green, Blue

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Pet clothing dog's shirt in green ipu, fish hook Hawaiian print, made in Hawaii, by Muumuu Rainbow
Pet clothing dog's shirt in blue ipu, fish hook Hawaiian print, made in Hawaii, by Muumuu Rainbow

Cute Ipu Print Dog's Shirt

Ipu and Fishing Prints for Dogs

High quality dog's Hawaiian shirts using our beautiful Hawaiian fabrics.
All hand made in Hawaii, and these are all our original shirts.

Not sold anywhere else.
Once our fabrics are sold out, these will not be made again. Limited quantity.

We design the shirt like a real Hawaiian shirt, so it has a yoke detailing.
Snap button's colors are carefully selected to match the fabric print.

The brand label is attached on the back.
There is partial elastic part on the stomach to fit well for your dog.

The shirts can be unisex item, great for boys and girls. The dog shirts are not only fashionable but functional, too. If you have trouble of pet's hair, shirts can help excessive hair shedding in the room.

If you have size concern, please contact us.
We have as many shirts as our fabric varieties.
If you are in Hawaii, you can visit our store in Waikiki.

  • Dog Mannequin size is Small. 
  • Limited Quantity
  • Made in USA
  • Our original design
  • Keep pet's hair falling in control

■ Details
Material: Cotton
Production: USA
Snap or velcro closure