Pre-Cut Hawaiian Fabric Set | Poly-cotton

Fabric Hawaii

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Four different colors set for trying different Hawaiian Fabric Sets of Poly Cotton. All 4 fabric is cut in 1/2 yd each.

This is a Trial  Pre Cut Fabric Set but if you order 2 sets, we can cut 1 yd on each print. This Hawaiian Fabric Set is a great gift for someone who enjoys sewing. Multiple yards will print as a continuous length, multiple fat quarters are produced as individual cuts. 

Key Features:

  • All fabrics are poly-cotton blend Hawaiian print fabric.
  • Polycotton is wrinkle-free and after washing, you do not need ironing.
  • It is easy to breathe and easy to care for the face mask.
  • All 4 fabric is cut in 1/2 yd. Total of 2 yd set.
  • This variation may change without notice.
  • If the fabric is out of stock, it will be substituted.