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Furoshiki Hawaii

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Easiest Way to Enjoy Hawaiian for Anybody! 

Use fabric wrap for gift wrapping! Furoshiki, a piece of wrapping cloth, is used to wrap a gift, the idea is from Japan.
This simple square fabric can be used as napkin, table cloth, wrap skirts, bandanna, scarf, etc.
When you give somebody a gift, this can be an extra gift and environmentally friendly for reusable wrapping cloth.
Because we are from Hawaii, we made this Japanese idea Furoshiki in variety of Hawaiian fabrics.
We sell matching masks and dog's bow ties as well.
We made our Furoshiki size to be most environmentally friendly size, so that minimum waste.

This listing is for Large size. Large enough to cover small table, and wrap skirts.


XSmall: 13.75" x 13.75" (35cm x 35cm)

XS gift wrapping small item

Small: 21" x 21" (54cm x 54cm)

S size use
Medium: 29" x 29" (73cm x73cm)

Large: 42 "x 42" (108cm x 108cmm)

L size furoshiki use

100% Cotton

Matching Items
We have matching masks, dog's bow ties, and large size Furoshiki, too.

Hand made in Hawaii, USA