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Different Ways to Wear a Japanese Kimono

Japanese Kimono Outfit Ideas

Kimono with jeans??
Why not??? Some people have been finding their own cool way of adapting Japanese Kimono for their trending item as Vintage Fashion! We would like to introduce Kimono Style Modern Fashion!

The fluid kimono can be worn as an over-shirt during all seasons.

<img src="Kimono-gown-Photo-by-Prashant-Andrew-on-Unsplash.jpg" alt="A lady put Kimono cardigan over the modern outfit."/>
Nowadays, Kimono can be wearable for your daily fashion.

    Kimono Cardigan / Kimono Robe / Kimono Gown
    Kimono Cover Up / Kimono Jacket

     They are perfect to wear in a change of seasons that is not too hot or not too cold, like spring, early summer, and fall.

     Or you can also bring it to the beach or yoga lesson and use it as a cover-up or simply put it over your yoga outfit after your lesson so then you can go and grab a cup of coffee with your friends. Since they are open-front style, they flutter through the breeze which looks pretty cool. The kimono cardigan is suitable for men and women.

    *Please Note: Kimono is usually worn with an obi (fabric belt for kimono) and folded and tucked to the obi to adjust the length. Therefore, with the exception of some products, there are also products with a length that drags the hem. If you want to wear the kimono as a daily style such as a kimono gown and cardigan, we can adjust the length. If you would like to shorten the Kimono length, please let us know when ordering.

    Kimono in Japan - Japanese Culture and Tradition

     Kimono is the Japanese traditional dress of both men and women. The word Kimono literally means clothing; something to wear in Japanese. It was the form of dress worn in Japan until the mid 19th century. That began to change slowly with the import of western-style clothes and style of fashions during the Meiji Era (1868 to 1912). The kimono is generally made from silk. These days, they are worn only for special occasions such as wedding ceremonies, graduation, New Years’, and other traditional events or festivals.

     The fabric itself is not cut to fit the shape of the person to wear. Instead of that, it is folded and draped around the body, then held in place with an obi which is a kind of long stiff fabric sash. Kimono is made from long pieces of fabric and usually sewn by hand along straight seams. Then it has a collar attached to give a clean shape around the neck. So, if you have a second-hand Kimono and try to unpick it to arrange something else like crafting, remaking your own clothing, it will be less complicated.

    Japanese Kimono Fabric

    Q: What is the basic kimono fabric?
    A: Silk

    Soft and shiny silk are some of the finest kimono materials. Even with the same silk, there is various type of fabric differs depending on how the threads are woven, twisted, and dyed, such as Habutae (羽二重 / はぶたえ), Crepes (縮緬 / ちりめん), and Pongee (紬 / つむぎ).

    Here are some Benefit of Silk;

    • Silk is a natural fiber made of the same protein as human skin, so it is very familiar to the skin and keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. The ratio of the 18 kinds of amino acids is almost the same, and Ph is also weakly acidic like the skin. We can call silk "natural skin" in other words.
    • Silk is better for hygroscopicity, moisture release, and heat retention, and is less likely to generate static electricity. Also UV cut effects can be expected.
    • Silk is considered a more sustainable fiber and a renewable material with low environmental impact compared with other fibers.
    <img src="kimono-style-cardigan-silk-fabric.jpg" alt="Two photos left side - white silk Japanese Kimono fabric has pale flower print, right side - a lady wear silk Kimono gown has various colors of flowers print."/>

    Silk fabrics for kimono drape and flow beautifully, and are difficult to crease.

    However, they stain easier than other fabrics. Some modern kimonos are made from easy-to-care-for fabrics that are less expensive to produce, but silk is still considered the ideal and best kimono fabric.

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    Adding a kimono to your daily fashion item is one of the ways to inject the ethnic style into your fashion and relaxed atmosphere, that looks perfect to attract attention. Also, an almost effortless way to upgrade your style and an easy way to change your mood. On top of that, the silk material is breathable and soft to the touch, so it can be used as high-quality room wear.

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    We have both short and long length kimono.
    These silk kimono would look beautiful whether you choose to wear or use it as a fabric for your projects, such as bed cover, pillow case, table liner and so on.


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