Furoshiki Hawaiian Fabric Wrapping for Gift

Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Furoshiki - Traditional Japanese Reusable Wrapping Cloth


Gift Wrapping Idea for Your Special Occasion!

Q: What is Furoshiki ?
A: It's a Reusable Wrapping Cloth from Japan

 Furoshiki is Japanese Traditional Wrapping Cloth, a square piece of fabric, which usually has an elegant and decorative design.  Furoshiki fabric cloth has become more and more popular around the world lately as an Eco-friendly product.

Here is benefits of using Furoshiki wrapping instead of paper or gift bags.

Furoshiki functions as a wrapping for all sorts of objects! It elevates the gift packages themselves feel like even more special gifts, and elevates the whole experience. The fabric itself prevents the gift inside from scratching or any kind of damage.

Eco-friendly Wrapping Cloth, Japanese FuroshikiYou can use the large size of Furoshiki as a picnic blanket

The person who received the gift will be able to keep it as nice memorabilia and reuse it in many kinds of ways. Also, since Furoshiki is cloth, you don’t have to worry about getting it wrinkled, and might be easier to give a nice-looking gift presentation.

Mother's Day is Coming Soon!!!

The Hibiscus is symbolizing Beauty and Joy,
which is the perfect Hawaiian flower for Mother's Day! 

Hibiscus Print Fabric Gift Wrap (known as Japanese Furoshiki) can also use it as a Bandanna, Napkin, Table Cloth, Scarf, and other purposes.
Hibscus and Plumeria Furoshiki Wrapping Fabric
When you give somebody a gift, this wrapping cloth can be an extra gift!

We have more Furoshiki gift Wrapping Fabrics.

We recommend Large size Furoshiki for Wine Bottle wrapping, which can be used for a nice tablecloth or other home decoration. Small size Furoshiki can be used as a placemat, or for wrap a lunch box.

Small: 21" x 21" (54cm x 54cm)
Large: 42 "x 42" (108cm x 108cmm)
Production: Hand made in Hawaii, USA

I know it's been a very difficult year for everyone due to the yearlong catastrophe of the COVID-19 pandemic. And we've all made extra effort to support each other.

This is the perfect day to show appreciation
and love for your mom! 

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