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Face Mask Making Using Hawaiian Fabric

toko sugaya

Hawaiian Face Masks?

There are many variety designs of face masks. Just using Hawaiian fabric add a touch of aloha.

The most popular print is floral prints, such as Plumeria flowers like this.

Pumeria Print Face Mask

This all over prints are perfect for use of an kind of items.

For face mask, it is better to choose smaller prints.

However, pick other than all over prints can be more fun use of Hawaiian Fabric. For example, this fabric is one-way prints.

You can make 4 different colors of face masks in one same design fabric.

Orange Hawaiian Lei Poly Cotton Fabric

Hawaiian Lei Print Face Mask

When you make face mask, you only needs 1/2 yd or 1/2 yd of fabric.

Cut your mask on fabric on right way or side way depending on the fabric pattern designs.

Have happy sewing!

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