Print Fabrics

There are many variety of tropical plants in Hawaiian fabrics.
Here, you can browse by type of prints.

Polynesian Tribal Prints

Polynesian Print Fabrics

Hibiscus Print Fabrics

hibiscus print fabric
Oahu's State Flower


Plumeria print fabric
Small pretty flowers and has a nice smell

Birds of Paradise

birds of paradise print fabric
Stylish birds like appearance.

Ohia Lehua

Ohia Lehua Print Fabric
Big Island's State Flower

Tiare Flower Print Fabric

Tiare Flower Print Fabric


Lei Print Fabric
 Variety of Strands of Flowers. 

All Floral Prints Fabrics

Floral Prints Fabrics


pineapple print fabric

Palm Leaf and Other Leafy Prints

Palm leaf banana leaf fabric
 Palm Leaf, Banana Leaf, Monstera Leaf, etc.

Fish, Fishing, Surfing Prints

Fishing and Surfing Prints Fabric

Vintage Inspired Prints

Vintage hawaiian Print Fabric

Palaka Print Fabric

Palaka Hawaiian Plaid Print Fabric

Japanese Inspired Kawaii Print Fabrics

Kawaii Local Favorite Sushi Spam Fabrics