Care Instructions

How to Take Care Hawaiian Dresses?

Hawaiian dresses and shirts usually use Polyester-cotton blends fabrics, but also 100% cotton and rayon as well. Sometimes, stretch velvet is used.

Here are the care instructions for Hawaiian dresses to last long and enjoy beautiful Hawaiian wears.

Polyester Cotton Blends (Poly-Cotton)

Usually 65% Cotton and 35% Polyester is common in Hawaiian fabrics. There are several weight of fabrics. The best character of this fabric is very durable, fast drying, and you do not need ironing. If you choose, it is OK to pu in an electric dryer, but keep the temperature low.

Some of the poly-cotton use hand screen printing. In that way, avoid using electric dryer.

It is always best to dry in the room, avoiding direct sun from fading beautiful colors.

The tip is when it is drying, spray the water and starch on dress, and hun in a hunger and natural dry. It gives shape and make dress last longer.

Cotton, 100% Cotton

Cotton is more popularly used for Hawaiian shirts than Hawaiian dresses. It is natural material so people like it and enjoy the fading and getting softer as you use. If you want to make your dress longer, use color safe detergent, such as "Woolite Dark."

Unlike poly-cotton material, the disadvantage is that you need ironing. Otherwise it gets wrinkles and very stiff.

The best way and easy way to take care of cotton Hawaiian dress or shirts are iron before it gets completely dries out. Ironing gets much easier and also helps to dry clothing faster.

You can use electric dryer, but do not make it dry completely. If you do, the clothes get very wrinkled up, and it is extremely hard to remove wrinkles by ironing. So the same as Poly-cotton, use low temperature and possibly take it out before it gets dry.

Spraying thin diluted starch water also can help to make the dress and shirts in shape.



Rayon is smooth, like silk like fabric, but usually not shiny. It wrinkles easily so it is best to go professional cleaners. If you want to take care of it at home, like the other dresses, try to iron before completely dries out.