Matching Dog and Owner Hawaiian Shirt! - Made to Order Aloha Shirt


Looks for Fun and Cozy!

 How about showing up in style with the matching dog and owner outfits?? Matching Hawaiian shirts with your dog bond you and your dog even deeper!!

You and your dog turn heads on the beach. You can put an Aloha shirt on your dog when you take them walking around your neighbor, dog park, or dog run.

If you are too shy twinning with your dogs, here is a cute Dog Bow Tie that you can match the pattern with your Hawaiian shirt!

These dog attires are also perfect for the Hawaiian Style Wedding or Family Photo if your dog will join the party!


 dog-designer-dress-hawaiian-red-hibiscus-.jpegPet dress/Dog dress is not only for dog fashion. Did you know it helps to protect them from the strong sun and its UV rays, high temperatures and lets them stay cool longer in that hot weather especially during the summer season? We also have breathable lightweight Hawaiian mesh tanks for dogs. What about girl dog dresses?? We have Hawaiian Muumuu Dress for Dog, as well. 


Made to Order Hawaiian Shirts
Custom Hawaiian Shirts
 Tailoring in Hawaiian Twist

Fabric Hawaii by Muumuu Rainbow is one of the local fabric shops in Hawaii where it offers custom shirts making service. You can pick any fabrics from our store for your custom order aloha shirt. 

 In this way, you can create perfect matching dog and owner shirts in Hawaiian style! Please contact us by email for consultations.


Check Pet Clothes and other Items on Muumuu Outlet 

Muumuu Outlet offers variety of Hawaiian pet's clothing, leash, collar covers, bow ties, etc. Most of our items are hand made in Hawaii and matching mask, clothing, any other items are also available. Enjoy Hawaiian fashions with your pets!

    Enjoy Hawaiian fashions with your pets!
    Dog's Bow Tie | Hawaiian Shirt for Dog and Cat | Hawaiian Dress for Dog and Cat


    Muumuu Outlet has a store in Waikiki, inside of our sister store Fabric Hawaii.

    Please visit us when you come to Honolulu!! You can check Aloha shirts for both of you and your Dog. There are also a variety of Hawaiian Dresses and other items!

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    Please Note: We are not responsible for your dog's health issue by wearing canine clothing and, so please consult with your veterinarian or breeder.