How to Choose Perfect Hawaiian Dress

How to Choose Perfect Hawaiian Dress

toko sugaya

What needs to know about choosing Hawaiian Dresses.

When you are invited to Hawaiian wedding or luau party, you wonder what should I wear? The invitation card said " Please come in with Aloha Attire."

So, wat is aloha attire? It is the attire to wear Hawaiian dresses and shirts, and Hawaiian way of dressing up. Hawaiian dresses and shirts come in various prints, colors, materials, and styles. First, let see what kind of styles of Hawaiian dresses have.

Hawaiian Dress Styles

There are several Hawaiian dress designs.

Muumuu, Holoku, and Holomuu. I will explain about each styles.

What is Muumuu?

If you know some about Hawaiian culture, you may think of, " oh, Hawaiian dress is Muumuu." Yes, the Muumuu is a kind of Hawaiian dress, but it is not equal. Muumuu is the loose fit design, and it usually comes in cotton or poly cotton fabric, without too much shaping in bodice parts of the dress. The length is usually floor length but some muumuu are in teal length, which is between knee and ankle length. People usually thinks that Muumuu looks too loose fitting and may look unattractive, but with proper way of dressing up, it looks very nice and very dressy and elegant.

It gives breezy and comfortable style but yet so elegant, too.

Dress up with lei flowers and nice dress shoes make a big difference. A hat is always nice, and also nice with Haku lei on hat as well.  

Find your Muumuu.

Calico Muumuu

What is Holoku?

The Holoku is the formal Hawaiian dress with train on back, like some of wedding dresses. It comes with white or different colors and it is the style for very formal occasion. Holoku is worn by Lei Queen or some special occasion formal dress up. The bodice is usually fitted and back has a long trains. In current day, it is hard to find Holoku from ready-made products and you usually need to special order.

If you want to consider ordering Holoku, we recommend to try Princess Kaiiulani Fashions, which is popular Hawaiian formal dress maker in Hawaii. You can pick your fabric and design to fit your body and custom-made the dress for you.

Holoku Hawaiian Wedding Dress in Beach

What is Holomuu?

So there are 2 type of dresses that I introduced. One can be little casual and relaxed style and another one is very formal kind. What if you go to attend wedding in recent year now? You may not need long train like Holoku. Here it comes Holomuu. It is fitted Hawaiian dress without train called Holomuu. The bodice is fitted nicely and show nice figure of your body. Unlike Muumuu style, it is not much loose or relaxed styling.

It is very popular to wear for wedding party and formal Hawaiian party. There are many brands make this style of dresses and each brands create different fits, fabric, and prints.

Holomuu for Hawaiian formal party wear

Hawaiian dress for formal occasionThese Hawaiian dresses are not just for Hawaiian theme party but also suitable for any formal party. You just need to be careful about picking up the kind of prints and color of the dress. Some Holoku comes in very bright and colorful prints. It may look too Hawaiian and tropical feeling, but the dress like the above are not too much of tropical feelings.

Find Holoku.


There are many types of Hawaiian dresses. Deciding what occasion to wear can let you decide which dress to choose.

If you have any question, please email us and help you to pick right dresses for you.