Furoshiki Size

How to Choose Furoshiki Size - Gift Wrapping Size Selections

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What to Consider for Furoshiki Sizing?

Furoshiki is a piece of square fabric to wrap gifts and other items to carry in Japan. The simple fabric can turn into simple gift wrapping cloth to a bags or decoration items.

There are several sizes in Furoshiki. Its versatility of use will change by Fursohiki sizing. Here are some examples of use depending on Furoshiki sizes.

Sustainable Gift Wrapping Furoshiki

Furoshiki Hawaii's Sizing

Since Furoshiki is the ecological and sustainable idea, each sizes are made by the minimum waste sizes.

Most of Hawaiian fabrics are in 45-46" wide. Each Furoshiki sizes are based on this fabric width. For example, Large size Furoshiki use 1 full width of the fabric, so the finished width comes out to be about 43" square.

Then, make it smaller to

1/2 width

2/3 width

1/3 width

and total of 4 basic sizes. 

Furoshiki Sizing (Gift Wrap Fabric Size Chart)

Large Size Furoshiki (About 43" Square)

Full width of the fabric, which comes out to be about 43 ~ 44 inch square, 

about 105 cm square, which is equivalent to 4 small size Furoshiki.

It is the best size for leisure seats , stroller covers, bag covers, wrap skirt, and one-bottle wraps.

 gift wrapping fabric from Furoshiki Hawaii

Bottle wrapping

Wine bottle wrapping with Hawaiian fabric Furoshiki



Medium Size Furoshiki (About 29" Square)

29 in x 29 in, about 73.5 cm x 73.5 cm

The medium size is a furoshiki that is cut to 2/3 of the width of the fabric, about 28~9 inch square.

It is the best size for wrapping one-bottle, and any large items.


Small Size Furoshiki (About 29" Square)

21 in x 21 in, about 53 cm x 53 cm

1/2 width of the fabric. The size of a large size furoshiki divided into four equal parts. It will be a square of approximately 22 inch square, which is 55 cm square.
It is the best size for men's handkerchiefs, napkins, lunch boxes and bandanas.

Gift Wrapping Fabric

Extra Small Size Furoshiki

13.75 in  x 13.75 in, about 35 cm x 35 cm

It is a small size furoshiki made based on the width of the fabric, which is one-third the size. ​

Ideal for wrapping books and notebooks, book covers and fabric boards.

  • Book cover
  • Fabric board
  • Pet's bandanna

Fabric board