Pre-cut Hibiscus Fabric Set

Fabric Hawaii

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This 100% Cotton Hawaiian Fabric is also available. This listing is for 1/2 yard precut fabric set. The small-scale prints are ideal for facemask sewing, and other small items, such as hats, bags, and pillow covers. 

The all-over Hibiscus Lover Printed Fabric features little flowers in white, yellow, and accents of dark red and orange for a detailed look. The largest Hawaiian flower on the fabric is approximately 3 inches across and smaller from there in a repeated fashion throughout the fabric. This set is great for trials, mask making, gifts, etc.

The Hawaiian Flowers Fabric is in white, pink, and accents of burgundy for a detailed looked laying on a bed of turquoise, blue or purple. Some great sewing ideas are face masks, doll clothes, shirts, dresses, clothing or hat accent, quilting, pillow covers, coasters, table cloth, napkins.

Key Features:

  • If there is out of stock, the prints may be subsitute.
  • 100% cotton Hawaiian print fabric.
  • This variation is only for a limited time.
  • Fabric set variation may change without notice.
  • All 4 fabric is cut in 1/2 yd each. Total of 2 yd set. 
  • Mix prints pre-cut fabric set of 100% cotton Hawaiian print.