Polynesian Tribal Print - Blue PC115B


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Polynesian Tribal Hawaiian print fabric

65% poly and 35% cotton Polynesian Tribal Hawaiian print fabric. Great for dress, aloha shirts, Pet Clothing and small items such as bandanna, mask, reusable bag, or quilting. Price is per 1 or 1/2yd. 5 yd is discounted price and free shipping. ★FREE SHIPPING Buy 4.5 yd. or more (mix with other fabric is OK) for Free Shipping (US only), instead of paying high shipping fee! To save expensive shipping, DON'T FORGET to check more items to get free shipping, when you buy more than $35!

About Fabric Cut

1/2 yd = 18"x 44~45", 18" on grain line.

Unit Conversion

1 yd=36"=91.44 cm 1/4 yd=9"=22.86 cm 45"=114.3 cm

About Mask Making

1/4 yard (9"x22") can make about 2 masks.