Ipu Fish Hook Polynesian Print Fabric | Blue/Grey

Fabric Hawaii

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Fishing hook, Ipu, and other Polynesian cultural print fabric.
The print design is vintage inspired color and print.
This print was colored little brighter so that you can use on back side as well.
Back side color is little toned down and great for Hawaiian shirts fabrics.
You can use both sides, so great to matching shirts, such as right side for woman, back side for men's shirt.

- Sewing Ideas: Mask, skirts, dress, half pants, shorts, shirts, shirts dress, bandanna, pajamas, cushion covers, curtains, etc.
- Perfect fabric choice for matching items for men's and lady's items.
- 45" Wide

- Price per 1/2 yd.

Unit Conversion
1 yd=36"=91.44 cm
1/4 yd=9"=22.86 cm
45"=114.3 cm