Diamond Head and Surfer Dog Hawaiian Shirts | Orange

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Old Hawaiian Surfer Shirts for Dog

Enjoy Beach Walk with This Surfer Shirt!

Dog's Aloha Shirts using our beautiful Hawaiian fabrics.

Old school vintage Hawaiian print shirts for dogs and cats.


We design the shirt like real shirt, so it has a yoke detailing.
The brand label is attached on the back. Snap button's colors are carefully selected to match the fabric print.
The shirts can be unisex item.

All hand made in Hawaii, and these are all our original shirts. Not sold anywhere else.
Once our fabrics are sold out, these will not be made again. Limited quantity.

If you like, you can custom order matching Hawaiian shirts for Master.

You can add matching bow or bandanna.

*Bandanna is sold as "Furoshiki" for pet, we recommend to use XS or S size Furoshiki, which is gift wrapping fabric. You can find from itemized category from this shop.

Model Info

Dog Mannequin size is Small.

If you have size concern, please contact us.
We have as many shirts as our fabric varieties.

If you are in Hawaii, you can visit our store in Waikiki.

  • Material: Cotton
  • Production: USA, Made in Hawaii
  • Snap or Velcro closure
  • Limited Quantity