Plumeria Flowers Hawaiian Red Colour Floral Fabric RED-0003C


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The all-over printed fabric features little Hawaiian Plumeria Flower in white, yellow, and accents of dark red and orange for a detailed look. The largest Plumeria flower on the fabric is approximately 3 inches across and smaller from there in a repeated fashion throughout the fabric.

This 100% Cotton Hawaiian Red Floral Fabric is also available. This listing is for 1/4 yard pricing. If you are interested longer than 1/2 yd or 1 yd. Multiple yards will print as a continuous length, multiple fat quarters are produced as individual cuts. The small-scale prints are ideal for facemask sewing, and other small items, such as hats, bags, and pillow covers. 

The Plumeria Flower Floral Fabric are in Red and accents of burgundy for a detailed looked laying on a bed of turquoise, blue or purple. Some great sewing ideas are face masks, doll clothes, shirts, dresses, clothing or hat accent, quilting, pillow covers, coasters, table cloth, napkins.

Key Features:

  • Price is per 1 or 1/2yd.
  • 100% cotton Hawaiian print fabric.
  • Plumeria tropical flower all overprints.
  • This is not cut size. If you order 3 yds, it will be continuous fabric.
  • Multiple yards will print as a continuous length.

About Fabric Cut

  • 1/2 yd = 18"x 44~45", 18" on grain line.

Unit Conversion

  • 1 yd=36"=91.44 cm
  • 1/4 yd=9"=22.86 cm
  • 45"=114.3 cm

About Mask Making

  • 1/4 yard (9"x22") can make about 2 masks.