Gift Wrapping Fabric / Furoshiki - Blue & White Hibiscus / 1223FB-BLU3

Furoshiki Hawaii

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Gift Wrapping Fabric / Furoshiki  - Blue & White Hibiscus

Enjoy this convenient furoshiki combining traditional Hawaiian patterns.

Get ready to wrap your gifts in style with this gorgeous Gift Wrapping Fabric! Featuring a playful Blue & White Hibiscus design, this Furoshiki will add a touch of fun and quirkiness to your presents. Perfect for those who don't take themselves too seriously (but still want their gifts to look amazing).

Furoshiki is a reusable gift wrapping cloth , the idea is from Japan.
Wrap your gift items with this Hawaiian fabric.
Unique and beautiful Hawaiian fabrics are perfect for gift wrapping.

When you give somebody a gift, this can be an extra gift and environmentally friendly for reusable wrapping cloth.
Because we are from Hawaii, we made this Japanese idea Furoshiki in variety of Hawaiian fabrics.

This simple square fabric can be used as napkin, table cloth, wrap skirts, bandanna, scarf, etc.


  • XSmall: 13.75" x 13.75" (35cm x 35cm)
  • Small: 21" x 21" (54cm x 54cm)
  • Medium: 29" x 29" (73cm x73cm)
  • Large: 44"x44" (105cm x 105cm)

Hand made in Hawaii, USA