Goldfish Embroidery Sliver Yarn Black Fabric

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Goldfish Sliver Yarn Speciality Black Fabric

This luxurious fabric is an exclusive treat for the modern shirt connoisseur. The delicate fabric offers a sophisticated touch to any ensemble with its silken texture and shimmering threads of goldfish silver. The goldfish is woven into the fabric. It is great for shirts making as well as pants. Limited quantity avaialbel and only solf in our store.

Dark black.

  • Width: 45"
  • Great for small bag, scarf, skirt, pants, jackets and blouse.
  • Unisex
  • Limited quantity
  • Continuously cut
  • Unit Conversion
  • Made in Japan fabric
  • Cotton blend

1 yd=36"=91.44 cm
1/4 yd=9"=22.86 cm
45"=114.3 cm